$47.00 USD

Becoming Kitchen Confident

Seize the Moment! Transform Your Kitchen Experience Now!

What you'll get:

  • Morning Mindfulness & Meditation Session: Start your day with intention and clarity, setting the tone for healthy eating.
  • Grocery Haul: Empower your shopping trips with guidance on how to stock your kitchen with wholesome, nutritious choices.
  • Hot-Seat Coaching Replay: Get an insider look at real-life solutions to common kitchen challenges. Watch, learn, and apply to your own culinary journey.
  • Meal Management Workshop: Bid adieu to mealtime stress! Craft a tailor-made meal planning template that resonates with your unique needs.

Note: The Hot-Seat Coaching Replay is a recorded session and is provided to showcase our coaching methodology and the depth of our course interactions.

Begin your journey to a more confident kitchen experience with experts Kara Wada, MD & Jenifer Tharani, MS RD. The path to mastering your kitchen awaits! 🍳🥘🥗