Belong: The Nourished Anti-Inflammatory Community

Season #2

This week, I am so excited to feature this bonus episode of the Crunchy Allergist Podcast in it. I will be sharing a bit more about my story and evolution over the last several years that has resulted in the launch of Belong, the nourished anti-inflammatory community. 

I can't wait to invite you to this awesome community jen and I have formed.


Belong: The Nourished Anti-Inflammatory Community

So about 2 years ago, @autoimmunity.nutritionist and I started dreaming up a community space for the Busy women we were seeing in our own practices that were determined to have a high quality of life in spite of their chronic illnesses
Our vision: to build a strong, evidence-based anti-inflammatory community for you so you never feel alone & overwhelmed in your autoimmune healing journey.

Help folks weed through the science and continue to update our teaching based on the data.
This applies to nutrition, lifestyle, and behavior change research!
Science is never stagnant.

Inflammation is both harmful and healing.
But for those of us with inflammatory conditions, we have too much of a good thing. Fixing immune dysregulation is probably the better way to describe what we are going for.

Provides confidence, commitment, consistency, and connection.
Great evidence that belonging is another evidence-based intervention for improvement in mental health, commitment & consistency in learning & behavior change, confidence

To learn more or to join, visit