5 things I would never do as an Immunologist with an Autoimmune Disease | Part 3: Movement

allergy & immunology Sep 30, 2022
Female immunologist with stethoscope smiling in a forest setting.

I have been thinking a lot about my relationship with moving my body over the last few months. I watch my kids run around playing in our backyard or the park, getting their wiggles out and also becoming stronger every day. 

I was amazed this weekend when Charlotte was able to swing across the monkey bars and Ollie walked with his walker. 

Their young agile bodies make movement look fun. I started to think about how it looks less painful too (initially forgetting about the bumps, bruises, and scrapes along the way to being able to take those steps or swing across the bars….)

The reality is…
Our bodies are made to move. 

When we stay in stagnation everything seizes and stiffens especially in the setting of inappropriate inflammation. 

Interestingly the irony is that movement itself is also inflammatory.

Inflammation can be a good thing too. It can trigger our body's ability to heal. 

Movement in the right forms and quantities is a form of medicine. 

For the last several months I have put myself in the shoes of my kids. Into the curious, experimental frame of mind. Trying and testing different forms of movement to see what feels good. What makes me feel stronger? What feels like good medicine to my body? 

I have challenged myself to move at least 5 minutes a day. 

What I have found is that when I get started and get that initial 5 minutes in, I am much more likely to keep going for another 10 or 20 without much fuss. 

During my experimentation, I have really come to love walks- both with my kids and solo. I also discovered an exercise program on our local PBS station that feels so so good (Essentrics). I still love the mood-boosting of a good sweat on my Peloton on occasion too.  

Science shows us that movement, sleep, nutrition, and the ability to adequately deal with stressors are the BIGGEST factors we can take ownership of our health. 

I want to challenge YOU to re-think how you view movement or exercise. 

How can you make it fun? 

How can you make it feel good? 

How can your nourish your body with a little bit more movement? 

Get creative. 

Think outside the box. 

Push your boundaries just a little bit.


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