How much I made from big Pharma?

science & research Dec 12, 2022
Bottle of supplements spilling out tablets against a dark background, highlighting the theme of pharmaceutical industry profits and health.

I recently made a TikTok about the kickbacks that are common when recommending supplements and non-insurance-covered testing. 

This is an especially common part of the business model that is taught to those pursuing functional medicine training. 

As I have written before I think the heart behind functional medicine is in the right place but I am very skeptical of many of the marketing and business tactics that accompany a good number of those practicing in this sphere. To dig into this further you can read my blog about it… 

But when I promote transparency, caution, and conscientious use of supplements, I am always accused by some troll of being a shill for big Pharma.

And honestly, at this point, I just sit and laugh and shake my head because…

  1. You can look up CMS's website to see I have received a total of $25 from pharma since 2017. 
    This is a result of the Sunshine Act which legally requires this transparency.

    They aren’t paying my bills folks…

  2. Healthcare professionals & influencers promoting supplements and unvalidated testing are not legally required to report the 30-50% commissions they get from recommending particular products & labs.

  3. I work for a public institution and in academic medicine, we have to submit & update disclosure statements routinely.
    This includes the beginning of all talks I give.

  4. It is a fact that the supplement market is fraught with adulterated & mislabeled products.
    What is on the label is not necessarily what is in the bottle.

    Here is a recent study on immune-boosting products:
    PMID: 35947382

  5. Did you know that herbal & dietary supplements account for around 20% of liver injuries?
    PMID: 27677775

    Unfortunately, I have 1st hand experience with this…in 2019 I developed liver damage due to a superfood supplement I was taking.


I would love to hear what grinds your gears surrounding the wellness vs big pharma debate.

I would love to hear your perspective! I have major issues with both of them and will dig into more of them in future blog posts.


P.S You know what I take full ownership and transparency in? 

I am a life coach and trained in lifestyle medicine i.e. the science of using our daily habits to support our health and healing. 

I earn 50% of what Jen & I bring in with our joint coaching programs and the Belong Community

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  • Training in how to support your evolution to becoming the best version of you.
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AND I haven't even gotten to the BEST part...

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