BeLONG: The Nourished Anti-inflammatory Community

belong community Dec 02, 2022

I have been thinking quite a bit about the role of human-to-human connection this past week- largely because I was laid up on the couch with a fever and cough. 

At one point I was able to wrestle the remote out of the girls’ hands for a bit and watch a few documentaries before we had Bluey back on the screen… 

I have always been a fan of Nova and Nature on PBS and love a good Atlantis conspiracy show from time to time like the new Netflix miniseries Ancient Apocalypse. <guilty pleasures>  

Along the way I was reminded of the story of Margaret Mead, the famous anthropologist, being asked what she thought was the first sign of civilization. She reportedly replied “a healed femur fracture”. 

Well, it turns out this whole story may actually be just storytelling fiction, but I do think the idea is worthy of some consideration. 

Helping someone else through difficulty, illness, or other challenges is a powerful, very human trait. 

Just as coming together in a community is an incredibly powerful force too.

I can’t help but smile when I think back to a few weeks ago...

After an early dinner, we decided to take a walk to the park to let the girls tire themselves out before bedtime. 

We no sooner crossed the road and started hearing “Josie, Josieeee”. 

About 200ft down the sidewalk a group of kids and parents were gathered for their soccer class. I figured one of the kids must be named Josie. I mean, we didn’t pick the most unique names for our kids. 

But then as we continued to walk a bit closer, Aki nudged me as 4-5 exuberant 4-year-olds were running full steam in our direction while continuing to yell “Josieeeee”. 

Before we knew it, there was this collision of hugs, giggles, excitement, and pure JOY from this gaggle of kiddos.

A true sense of belonging. 


This is the essence of what Jen and I have envisioned with BeLONG: The Nourished Anti-inflammatory Community.

We would love for you to check out what we have planned, ask us questions, and then if you feel compelled to be one of our Founding Members, join us. 

We will launch on 12/1.
And then get ready….


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”   -Margaret Mead