Celebrating Another Trip Around the Sun

events & announcements Apr 11, 2023
A joyful woman celebrating with large gold number balloons, indicating a significant age or year milestone, in a home setting with a neutral color palette.

This week I am celebrating my 39th trip around the sun today and kicking off my countdown to #40. 

I have so much I still want to accomplish with my time on planet earth and more energized and encouraged to keep up the work. I see each birthday as another opportunity to recalibrate. 

Setting goals that are just out of sight and then reflecting on our growth as we continue to reach towards them is one way that I have continued to build my resilience. 

Resilience is our bounce-back potential like an elastic band learning to stretch without snapping. 

But how? Keep reading below!


Every 12 weeks, I sit down to plan. So it was quite convenient that I was born at the beginning of April-- just about 12 weeks into the start of the year. Great job mom and dad! 


Why 12 weeks and not 12 months?

12 weeks is just long enough to get something of substance accomplished but not so long that I am losing track of my focus and purpose. 

So yesterday I sat down and spent time outlining: 

  1. What are my goals- personal and professional?
  2. What thoughts are going to set me on the right path?
  3. What are the steps I need to take to accomplish them?
  4. How am I going to keep myself accountable?


What are the goals for my 2nd year this year? 

  • Launching the Becoming Immune Confident Program & 1000% committed to my client’s success.  
  • A combination of proven immune, neuro, and behavior science is the key to more energy, less pain, and clearer thinking and it’s attainable through Becoming Immune Confident- a first-of-a-kind 12-week program led by a board-certified immunologist turned autoimmune patient (me) & autoimmune dietician (Jen). Join our waitlist here
  • Planning 2 additional virtual events to bring together the autoimmune and invisible illness communities & committed healthcare professionals to build bridges and forge solutions in our broken healthcare system. 
  • Writing a collaborative book with fellow colleagues that also find themselves in the role of patients too


So now I challenge you to sit down and spend a few minutes setting a goal to focus on the next 12 weeks...

What thoughts are going to support you?

What steps do you need to take?

How will you hold yourself accountable? 

For those who are ready to take serious action, you can apply to join the 12-week Becoming Immune Confident Program Here


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