Celebrating Three Holidays in One Day

belong holiday Dec 23, 2022
Celebrating Three Holidays in One Day

I was reflecting on one of the TED talks I listened to when I was at TEDxDeSoto back in October. 

Jessica (@mycurlyadventures_) shared the idea that every trip we go on is actually 3 trips all wrapped up into 1.

  1. The trip we anticipate and dream about
  2. The trip we actually experience
  3. The trip we remember 

But here’s the thing…
The same is true of life’s big events, especially the Holidays or family visits. 

I mean can you remember back to joyous yet anxiety-filled anticipation the night before your birthday or Christmas or Wedding? 

How about the trip itself... those moments you were actually acutely in the moment? 

The warm sensation of the sun on your face. 
The cool breeze against your shoulders causes a few goosebumps to emerge.
Sand between your toes- gritty and soft at the same time. 

Ahh, and the memories left afterward...
I can't help but remember back to this Thanksgiving... 
Charlotte (7) and I had a flu-like illness that had us stuck curled up on the couch together. 

Now, obviously, this wasn’t the holiday I was dreaming about… 
Especially since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
I mean it's a day developed to gratitude, family and/or friends, and delicious food.

And to be honest the actual experience certainly left a lot to be desired especially since I pulled a rib muscle coughing that still hurts like hell every time I sneeze nearly a month later... not cool body. not cool.  

That said, the experience is over. 
Now, I get to decide now how I want to view that week and that holiday. 
How I want to remember the circumstances that were quite different than what I had imagined...
I get to choose my thoughts about it, which also inform my feelings about it too. 

So by getting in touch with what I am thinking about a particular circumstance, I then get to choose if I want to be sad or pissed off. 
Or if I want to be thankful and at peace...
Knowing that we got sick during a time when we didn’t feel the pressures of reality like missed school and work. 

So as we go into the next couple of holiday weekends, remember you have 3 holidays you get to experience. 

  1. The day you are anticipating.
  2. In the moment on the day itself. 
  3. The memories afterwards.

Although we can’t change the circumstances… whether it snows, we get sick, or that Sharon burnt the pie again

We do get to choose what we think about those circumstances. 
How we feel about them.
And most importantly how we respond. 

Happy holidays to all!