Celebrating YOU and here to help you re-fill your cup.

advocacy & empowerment May 15, 2023
Smiling woman with glasses takes a selfie with three children in a red Radio Flyer wagon, capturing a moment of joy and family time outdoors.

To any and all that fulfill a mothering role in someone’s life…


Using our intuition, creativity, empathy, and emotional intelligence to serve as 

Caregivers. Nurturers. Educators. Protectors. 

Today we celebrate you. 


It is so hard when we are the nurturers, to remember to take time for ourselves.


But the reality is, we cannot pour from an empty cup...

And when we start making those positive steps-- to show ourselves more self-compassion, to embrace our imperfections in all their glory and make decisions that are in service to our future selves-- 

it rubs off on ALL of those around us too! 


So mamas in all your forms, please take some time for yourself this week. 

 All my best, 




Do you ever imagine what it would be like if your BFF was an immune system expert... chiming in with helpful tips aimed to save you money and improve your health... all while also calling out the bulls***? 🙋‍♀️


If you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed on your diagnostic odyssey or need a plan to jumpstart your healing journey, let's connect

I now have 1 hour and 2 session packages available. 

And in honor of Mother’s Day, I cut the price by 1/2.* 


Also, did you know you can apply that session cost to the Becoming Immune Confident program if you decide you want ongoing support? 

*Offer expires 5/19

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