Curious WHY we are seeing a surge in allergies & autoimmunity?

allergy & immunology Jul 29, 2023
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As one of the handful of lifestyle medicine-trained allergy immunology physicians, I find myself increasingly talking about the entirety of the Exposome: the summation of all of the things we are exposed to in our lives.

What is the Exposome?

If you want to learn more about our understanding of how our environment and exposures contribute to our immune system health, you can tune in to today’s episode of the Kevin MD podcast.

On this episode, Dr. Kevin and I discuss how modern lifestyle changes are disrupting our immune system resulting in a surge of allergic, autoimmune, and auto-inflammatory diseases.

Or if you prefer to read, you can check out the article our conversation centered around here.


If this is sort of thing is totally your jam…

And you want to learn more about the science AND what we can do about it:

Save the Date for the DeMystifying Inflammation Summit September 18th-21st!

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The goal?

Understanding better WHAT is going on with your immune system & HOW to start taking steps to improve your (and your family’s) health..

In a way that’s doable with your go-go-go schedule, and actually works…

You want the science AND the strategy.

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Every single day I am in the clinic, I hear these stories— maybe they sound familiar to you— or a friend?

Maybe right now you…

  • Feel like you are perpetually swallowing snot or start getting random itchy rashes.. Allergies that used to be a “sometimes” problem seem to be an “all the time” problem now.
  • Notice your breathing is a little labored going up the stairs, tight or you’re coughing more and suspect a bit of asthma…
  • Never have pep in your step, everything hurts, or feels swollen. Could this be an autoimmune thing?
  • Know where every public bathroom is because your digestion is NOT normal. Bloating. Gas. Painful tummy aches.
  • Wonder why that pregnancy weight never fully disappeared…even after your babies weaned.
  • Notice your attention span sucks, keeping forgetting why you went into the next room or find yourself with words stuck on the tip of your tongue… is this early dementia?
  • See your kids starting to experience similar symptoms too… which has you up worrying in the middle of the night scared  💩less. .

And when you go to take action…

It's all way too much…

Too much information…

Too expensive…

Too complicated…

Overwhelmed. Confused. Frustrated.


Yep, that’s what this summit is about...

Moving the dial on ALL of THAT!

Here is the link to get on the list again...

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