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non-toxic without the nonsense May 17, 2023
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Generally, I try to avoid contributing to the comments on social media…

But today I did...


The gist of the post: scare tactics are commonly used to get new parents to buy products when in reality prioritizing activity and time in nature should take priority over avoiding a long list of chemicals.


Since I am elbow deep in prepping an evidence-based talk I am giving next month on the very real science around the role of prevalent chemicals and substances effect on the development of allergies, asthma and autoimmunity you can bet I had something to contribute.


  1. Scare tactics SUCK and yet fear marketing works so we will continue to see it used. Admittedly, I have used these in the past and have aimed to do better now that I know better.
  2. Many scare tactics have a kernel of truth to them… BUT figuring out reality vs sales pitch/marketing is HARD.
  3. There is big push to go in to US vs THEM mode— this mode tends to get us to turn off our curiosity mode and take off our critical thinking cap.
  4. Vast majority of us would get a lot more bang for our buck (and time and energy) by focusing on the basics— our 5 daily must-have habits.
  5. A misconception is making safer swaps means expensive or complicated-- I am a big fan of going non-tox w/out the nonsense.
  6. Look for citations (though also realize that sometimes folks cite s***** science).
  7. Follow the money. Are they trying to sell you something? Do they provide ideas for some alternative to the product they are promoting?
  8. What are other experts in the field discussing? (and yes, consensus doesn’t mean its necessarily correct.)
  9. The reality tends to fall somewhere in the gray zone, messy middle or nuance.
  10. No one of these strategies is fool-proof but keeping our critical thinking hat on and staying curious can help us through things that are about as clear as mud.


As for me, I am always aiming for sharing effective, efficient, and evidence-based approaches.


Choosing simple & sustainable OVER complicated & confusing every day of the week.


Sharing transparently especially when I have financial stake in the game.


And with all of this ALWAYS remember progress over perfection…


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