Experiencing Trauma and Finding Healing Through Human Connection

advocacy & empowerment Nov 18, 2022
Young female therapist in a white shirt taking notes during a session with a smiling teenage girl in a pink hoodie, sitting comfortably on a couch in a cozy room, promoting a sense of healing and human connection.

What a week… I feel like I am just getting back into the rhythm of home life again after spending the beginning of the week in San Antonio, TX.

I had the opportunity to meet many friends from the physician coaching community IRL finally at the Physician Coaching Summit.

To say it was a life-changing experience would not be an overstatement. The day prior to the summit, I was able to take part in a full day of continuing education on trauma- so not only be trauma-informed BUT trauma responsive and able to start mitigating trauma.

Did you know that EVERYBODY has experienced trauma in one way or another?
Or that you don’t have to be at an event 1st hand to be traumatized by it?
Just hearing about another human’s trauma can in some circumstances be traumatic for the bystander.

Traumatic experiences have a physiologic impact on our bodies.
They affect our nervous system. Our hormones.
Our immune system. Our gut.

And this isn’t new or shaky science.

In chronic illness circles, we talk about the role of trauma at the hands of the medical establishment.
Medical gaslighting.
No being seen. heard. Believed.
Traumatized by those who are in the position of healer.
Harmful rather than healing.

In healthcare professional circles, we are talking about burnout at skyrocketing rates.
The rates were high before the pandemic, but now, 62% of physicians report symptoms consistent with burnout.

What are the symptoms of burnout?

Compassion fatigue. 
Increased errors. 

Our healers experience trauma routinely in seeing and experiencing the suffering of our patients.
This trauma is set aside, ignored, to see the next person in line.
No time to decompress. To nourish our minds or bodies. To heal the healers.

Our system is broken.
We are ALL trying to navigate it to the best of our abilities.
The walking wounded.

That is why I am so DAMN passionate about spreading the word about SOLUTIONS to these issues.

The CORE principle is to see each other in our shared humanity.
To lean into the human connection.
Human connection mitigates trauma.
Human connection is healing.
Therapeutic trusting relationships.

These take time.


If you want to learn more about these issues and get some actionable strategies to help foster healing of these relationships, take a listen to this week’s podcast we're Bringing Visibility to Invisible Illnesses and Medical Gaslighting through Coaching…

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