How to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Vacation

practical tips & sustainable solutions Jul 21, 2023
Joyful family enjoying a sunny day outdoors, with parents and three children smiling and sitting together, reflecting a happy, casual lifestyle.

Learn how to set realistic expectations, manage your stress levels, and make the most of your time away.

Today I am sharing my vacation manifesto…

My intentions for the next 10 days.

We are joining my husband’s family to celebrate birthdays, and anniversaries, and to make up for a missed baby moon trip (thanks again Delta Wave).

With a 12-ish hour travel time and crossing 6 time zones with 3 kids 7 and under I am setting my expectations to the “reasonable” setting.

This trip is not going to be the same experience Aki and I had in 2013.

Jet lag is inevitable. It is physiologic.

I will do my best to prepare - packing a bit of melatonin, getting our butts out into the sunshine, etc.



I am also reminding myself that I am in charge to how I think and feel about this trip - no matter the circumstances that pop up.

I get to choose how I think about delays.

And how I think and react to overtired children (and husbands?).

Or if one of us gets sick.

I also am reminding myself that each trip is actually 3 trips packed into one!

I am soaking up each one of these experiences as best able…

Savoring the packing and preparation, enjoying the expectations.


Then when we leave early Thursday morning, I get to experience the ACTUAL trip itself.

And finally, we get to remember and reminisce after we return.

I hope sharing these little nuggets may help you as you embark on your summer trips or stay-cations.

Coaching has made such a huge shift in how I navigate not only the everyday but also these more monumental memory-making experiences scattered over the years.

Understanding better how my brain works (and how to better keep my inner Mean Girls in check), learning how to love the perfectly imperfect me that little bit more, and sustainably build habits that support my health and healing—

There are many days that I feel like a totally different person, but the reality is that I feel more authentically me than ever.

So cheers to 10 days of reconnecting, recalibrating, and resting.

To 10 days of being silly.

Having fun.


If you want to catch up after my return to explore working together,

I opened up a few free strategy sessions on my calendar. 

I would LOVE help you start making these shifts. 
Click here to get scheduled.

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