Making Resolution Your Reality in 2023

practical tips & sustainable solutions Dec 19, 2022
Diary entry on New Year's Day with "NEW YEAR - FRESH START!" written in blue marker, symbolizing goal setting and new beginnings.

I honestly cannot believe it is already just about a week until the Christmas holiday..
This means it is only about 2 weeks out from that time of year when we make our "resolutions" for the new year ahead. 

Have you already started considering how 2023 will look different than 2022? 
Maybe you have some goals or resolutions in mind?  

To move a bit more.  
To hurt a bit less. 
To have more energy to play with the kids.  
To feel like your thinking is sharper. 
To feel at peace rather than that endless churn of wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. 

The problem is that resolutions all too often never become our reality. 
Making a commitment to change is only part of the solution. 
We actually have to change. 
That change needs to "stick".

When we study why resolutions don’t stick, a few answers arise:

  1. We set unrealistic goals
  2. We don’t keep track of our progress
  3. We make too many resolutions
  4. We forget about them 

So how does coaching help resolutions become REALITY? 
Resolutions often come from a place of shame, guilt, feeling bad, broken, and wishing we were different.  

How often does feeling bad about ourselves get us the results we want? 
Um.... rarely.

I actually talk about how we can shift this mindset and momentum in the first 2 episodes of the Belong podcast!

This private podcast is a weekly prescription for helping you take steps towards becoming that favorite version of you. There you'll find a mix of empowering education and tools created by Jen and I from our collective expertise and experiences as both an autoimmune dietician and chronic pain daughter and allergist/immunologist, certified life coach, and systemic Sjogren's patient. 

Belong is a place filled with love, compassion, and community where we'll use proven methods to reflect on this past year, set an intention for next year, and help you create an action plan based on evidence-based coaching and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. 

  • Belong will teach you exactly what you need to know to help you finally take the actions to create the results you want most in your life, while FEELING so much better along the way. 
    • Showing up to your life with purpose, confidence, and clarity. 
    • Belong members get access to a registered dietician and board certified immunologist and life coach… 
    • You get monthly meal plans. 

  • 2 Coaching calls every month 
  • Monthly Master Classes & Challenges
  • Web portal access
  • Private podcast

A community of badass successful women who are not about to let their misbehaving immune systems totally sideline them from experiencing joy during their time on planet earth. 


Click here to get enrolled.

P.S. Our founding member rates will disappear once Santa completes his trip around the globe.

Jen has an incredible Vision Board session planned for the group last week of December to help us ALL create a clear vision of what we want 2023 to look like.

P.P.S. Don't worry if you can't make it to the sessions live. All of the sessions are recorded and posted shortly after the live event.

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