My 2022 Wins

advocacy & empowerment Jan 03, 2023
Woman with glasses smiling warmly at a kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a bowl of fresh persimmons, signifying a cozy, healthy home atmosphere.

For me, 2022 has been about reflecting, reimagining, and realigning my life to live my values.
To foster curiosity, a love of learning, gratitude, and an appreciation of beauty and excellence.
Working to bring together the old and the new when it comes to habits and traditions.

2023 is around the corner and I cannot be more excited to ring the new year. If I am lucky I will be sound asleep in my bed.
Anyone else with me?

Instead of keeping our kids and ourselves up all night, we are going to countdown to 2023 at 7pm! I am super excited to continue a tradition started by my grandma in 1956 but to put our own family’s spin on it. I have so many great memories celebrating NYE with a table full of small bites and plastic glasses filled with sparkling white grape juice.

The hope is that avoids major kiddo meltdowns AND will also get our friends home in time for kickoff. After living in Columbus for 12 years, we have learned that all social gatherings from August until January revolve around the Buckeye games.

In addition to keeping some long-time traditions, I am so excited to add a new one to the mix! A Vision Board Party…

Looking back at 2022, I am filled with so much gratitude.
I am MOST grateful for setting really AUDACIOUS goals.

Did I achieve all of them? Nope.
Am I totally overjoyed by the progress I have made? Heck-YES!


Here is my not-so-humble brag list of the top 10 things I am celebrating

So HOW did I do it all?

In spite of living with systemic Sjogren's....?
A HUGE part of my success is setting my vision and spending a great deal of time and energy on my mindset.

Our goals are lighthouses…

Out in the distance.
Hard to reach but visible.
Calling us forward through the choppy waves.
Over the sharp rocks.
A light guiding us toward something greater.

Why a vision board?

It opens your brain to possibilities you otherwise wouldn’t consider.
It’s true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words- our brain puts more value on images through the process of “value tagging”.

How do vision boards work?

  1. Visualization: Vision boards work through visualization because the brain sees little difference between something actually happening and a strongly imagined vision of it.
  2. Repetition: Using an action board regularly can help you become more willing to take action toward achieving your goals. Normally, when you try something new, the body has a stress response. In other words, new things are scary. However, when you repeatedly look at images related to your goals & feel the emotions you would feel when you achieve those goals, your brain no longer sees them as a threat. 
  3. Mood boost: Honestly, I consider an hour of daydreaming as a self-care gift to myself. It's as if you're on a date with other women who are also daydreamers and believe in the power of visualization. It's an hour to celebrate us and how far we've come and cast a beautiful vision for 2023. 


Happy New Year!

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