Breaking Up with My Phone (Kind Of): Reclaiming My Time & Focus

practical tips & sustainable solutions Apr 24, 2024

Scrolling through my phone's screen time report was like a punch to the gut. Nearly 5 HOURS a day on this little device? That's a third of my waking life! And for what? Mindless scrolling, comparison traps, and a whole lot of time I'll never get back.

Sound familiar? It's easy to get sucked into this digital vortex. But here's the thing: my goals, my dreams, the life I want to build... none of it happens by staring at a screen.

The Wake-Up Call (and a Dose of Self-Compassion)

After the initial shock (and a bit of self-directed shame- thanks brain), I decided enough was enough. A little self-compassion was key – we're all fighting this battle. These devices are made to keep us engaged. Then, it was time for action.

Phone Makeover: Working FOR Me, Not Against Me

I took a hard look at my phone habits and realized where my time was leaking away. Here's my current experiment to break the addiction:

Social Media Time Limits:

30 minutes max per day for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Enough to connect, but not get sucked in for hours.

Phone Wind-Down:

Downtime mode from 7pm-7am. Calls, texts, and essential apps only. (My sleep thanks me already and I have noticed a consider decrease in my anxiety!)

Focus with Forest:

Love this app! It turns staying on task into a game. Who knew planting virtual trees could be so motivating? A $4 well spent. Want to join me?

Enter 55SX299SG to be a part of Forest!

The Results So Far?

It's not perfect, but the shift has been HUGE. Less mindless scrolling = more mental space and energy for the stuff that matters. I'm reading more, my creative projects are flowing, and best of all, I'm actually more present with my family.

Here is the screengrab of how I set up my iphone: 

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