Realigning My Time

practical tips & sustainable solutions Jan 18, 2023
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How are you doing? 

No, really, how are you? 

There is no sugarcoating it. This past week was rough. 

I suspect that has been the case at one time or another for you too given how bad this viral season has been. 


The stomach bug... 

Followed by mastitis for me (antibiotics)

I honestly think I can hear my gut bugs crying "help!" 

So with that in mind, I refocused our meals to include more pre-biotics and probiotic-containing foods. 


Why no probiotic supplements?

Because the scientific studies say that this can actually SLOW DOWN gut healing!

I also would much rather eat some yummy food than take more pills too. 


What I also realized though while I was sick and/or tending to sick kids was just HOW much extra time I spent mindlessly scrolling... 


One of my goals this month has been to re-align my time with what I value. 


When I got a glimpse of my phone summary of use from this past week, I almost threw up

I spent a 1/4 of my day on this damn thing between social media scrolling, Netflix, podcasts listening, and email. 

1/4 of my damn day on a device that didn’t even exist 15 years ago. 


But talk about a wake-up call…

So after a quick self-compassion exercise to silence the internal a$$-whooping...

I spent an hour yesterday strategizing HOW I can make my phone work FOR rather than AGAINST my goals and vision for my future. 


And then, I got to work. 

And I made some drastic changes. 


So now I am going to sit down today and record this step-by-step process: 

If you are ready to take the plunge and re-align, I would invite you to join me over in Belong Community: a virtual space (off social media) where you can become Immune Confident learning science-supported ways for improving your health, crowdsource and connect with a group of amazing women, and start living your best life! 

The tutorial will be posted in the community on Wednesday! 

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