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events & announcements Aug 07, 2022
The image is a promotional graphic for the "Crunchy Allergist Podcast" by Kara Wada MD, highlighting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and modern medicine. It includes a call to action to watch now on a YouTube channel, depicted with a stylized YouTube play button.

I am happy to announce that I recently started my own YouTube Channel.


I want to be able to share my views, insights, and knowledge not only on the blog and podcast but also in video format!

The reality is that some topics are more suitable to video and I also needed to post a few videos to apply for an upcoming TEDx talk.

The Goal

The goal of my YouTube Channel is to be a place where people can learn about all things allergies, autoimmunity, and anti-inflammatory living. I also have my site set on being the part of the change that is so desperately needed in our very broken medical system!

The Bigger goal

My YouTube channel will be a great place to learn all the skills required to continue to hone my teaching and speaking skills and help our team continue to hone their technical knowledge about video and audio recording and editing.

My expectations

I would LOVE to receive your constructive feedback on my videos and suggestions for future videos so we can continue to grow and evolve to help you understand better how your immune system works and what happens when it views the outside world or itself as a danger signal inappropriately!

What you can do now

Go to my channel, watch my first video and comment on it on YouTube or below this blog post if you like. I rely on feedback to improve the quality of the content, and I also would like to choose topics for future videos according to feedback.

Last but not least, I appreciate any views, likes, shares, and subscriptions to my YouTube channel.
Did you know that once we hit 100 subscriptions we can customize our address?!

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