What advice would you give to a younger you?

practical tips & sustainable solutions Jun 08, 2023
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I was asked today to provide some insight into healthcare tips I would tell a younger me...


It can be really hard to think about this and answer this question because so often we default to a space of regret or self-criticism…

That brain in its own misguided way trying to keep us alive and safe but in reality, just creating more internal stress…

So instead, I encouraged myself to re-direct to a space of love and compassion for that former version of me… 

For that young woman who only knew what she knew...                 

And was doing the best that she could with what she had at the time.


Before I share what I submitted, I would LOVE to hear what you would tell your younger you. 

I would love to compile these pieces of advice to share with our community and we will credit you with your initials unless otherwise instructed. 

To participate, just hit reply to this email and sent along your thoughts... 


I cannot wait to hear the wisdom you have to share and hope this exercise also provides a moment where you can create a little more space for compassion for yourself as well. 


Here is what I submitted: 

If given the chance to speak to a younger me, I would tell her to be in the moment more often. The road to a medical career is very often focused on achieving that next gold star- MCAT, applications, admissions, boards, etc. But the joy experienced when we reach each next milestone is fleeting- this is the arrival fallacy. 

I would also tell her that bumps and bruises are a vitally important and necessary part of our human experience. 


Self-care is not selfish it is an act of self-preservation.

In order to take the best care of our patients, we must be healthy- in body mind, and spirit. Hurt people hurt people. To do no harm and be truly guided by the Hippocratic oath- we must make time for self-care. Rest doesn’t need to be earned and shouldn’t be viewed as a reward. It is essential. 


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