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DIS23 Instant Access to Recordings

Missed the summit or want to revisit the life-changing insights? Ensure you and your family are on the path to optimal health. Grab your exclusive replay access now!

What you'll get:

  • Unlimited Viewing: Dive deep into 30+ hours of expert presentations, rewatching the segments most relevant to you and your family whenever you wish.
  • Mobile Listening Made Easy: A private podcast feed of all presentations, allowing you to absorb valuable knowledge even on the move.
  • Actionable Insights: Comprehensive presentation notes with actionable steps to help you implement expert advice into your daily life.
  • Continued Learning: Eligibility for Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE), furthering your knowledge and expertise.

Note: The access to the DIS23 recordings is for personal use only. Please refrain from distributing or sharing the content without authorization. Your pursuit of health and well-being deserves respect. Let's ensure the rights of all our expert contributors are equally respected.