Episode 18: Allergy Immunotherapy with Dr. Amber Patterson

Season #2

 Amber Patterson, MD is a world-renowned allergy/immunology expert and the US ambassador for intralymphatic allergen immunotherapy (ILIT). Before founding Allergy Unlimited, she developed the first US clinical trial for ILIT (first in the world for pediatrics) as faculty at the Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s hospital where she founded the Center for Immunotherapy. She holds several patents on novel allergy testing devices. A passion for creating systems for identifying the root of immune dysfunction (allergy) or deficiency (low immune function), and then co-developing a plan for healing and empowerment are the driving forces behind her work.

Dr. Patterson leads as vice chair of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) immunotherapy and diagnostics committee. Believing in the powerful connection between mind and body, she also volunteers on her local community recreation center (YMCA) board of directors and on the committee for childcare, aiming to co-create positive community resources for physical, mental, and spiritual growth. As a wife and mother of four, Amber has the most fun with her family, playing in nature or traveling the world.


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