Babies and Backpain with Lena Shahbandar, MD

Season #2

The changes our bodies go through as mama’s and an awesome solution


Lena Shahbandar is a physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (physiatry–pronounced: fiz-eye-a-tree).

A graduate of Northwestern University for undergraduate and medical school, she practices outpatient musculoskeletal medicine with a particular area of interest in women’s musculoskeletal health and pain in pregnancy.

In treating these patients and through the experiences she had herself as a mother, she discovered the need for a solution that allows mothers to safely transport their babies without compromising their physical comfort. She spent many years pouring her medical expertise and knowledge into a scientific solution: a baby carrier that lets people easily move their babies from the car seat, or anywhere, to babywearing, and lead a full life without pain. This solution led to the creation of Nessl and the Nessl Baby Carrier.

When not working, Lena loves to spend time with her husband and three children, and to play tennis, ski and hike.



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