Integrative Rheumatology with Isabelle Amigues, MD

Season #2

Isabelle Amigues, MD, is a physician scientist with a speciality in rheumatology. She has trained both in Paris, France as well as Columbia University, in New York City. She is based in Denver, CO. She is the author of multiple book chapters and scientific articles in rheumatology.

At age 40, in the midst of an existential crisis, she was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. A timely meeting with a non-traditionally trained practitioner taught her a different approach to disease. She experienced the power of meditation, visualization, energy healing and love. Her journey through cancer inspired her to learn more about these alternative methods, and now that she has studied many of them she has integrated them into her own practice of medicine.

She has her own podcast called UnabridgedMD available on all the usual podcast platforms and youtube.

Her website is

She can be found on Twitter at @unabridgedMD or Facebook and Instagram at UnabridgedMD.