Sleep Well and Live Well with Nishi Bhopal, MD

Season #2

One of the real big pillars of anti-inflammatory living is making sure that our bodies have ample time and space and energy to recharge our batteries. The main way we do that is through the gift of sleep.

Dr. Kara met Dr. Bhopal through Aila Health‘s Autoimmune Warrior Conference where she delivered an AWESOME talk on sleep.

Join me and Dr. Nishi Bhopal as we talk about the importance of sleep to our overall well-being and then hop over to the FREE Aila Health App to watch her talk from the conference too.


About Dr. Nishi Bhopal

Dr. Bhopal is board certified in Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine, and is the founder of Pacific Integrative Psychiatry, serving patients across California.

She brings various disciplines into her practice to offer a comprehensive approach to mental health, including nutrition, mindset coaching, psychotherapy, yoga and meditation, and Ayurveda.

She also has a YouTube channel for clinicians where she shares holistic strategies to optimize sleep and mental health.



Instagram: @pacificintegrativepsych @intrabalance


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