Did Disney Just Save Healthcare with Dr. Erkeda DeRouen

Season #2

In this week's podcast episode, we speak to healthcare professionals about their experiences with burnout and the importance of bringing back human connection and empathy in medicine.

Join Dr. Kara Wada and Dr. Erkeda DeRouen as they explore the landscape of Health Equity and dive into how Telemedicine and Lifestyle Medicine are transforming our healthcare system.


ABOUT DR. Erkeda DeRouen

A triple board-certified Family, Diversity, and Lifestyle Medicine physician. She serves as a thought leader in healthcare innovation. She is passionate about merging the human aspect of medicine with the field of emerging technology.

Dr. DeRouen believes in putting people first, utilizing her gift of listening, communicating, and connecting the missing pieces to solve complex problems. She finds joy in mentoring, as she believes that one should always share their gifts to uplift others.

Dr. DeRouen hosts a pre-med and medical student geared podcast to expand the amount of people that she can mentor called The Prospective Doctor. She also is a board member for Girl Develop It, Inc, increasing the number of women and non-binary people in tech.

Two time best-selling author, who also has a TEDx talk entitled "Did Disney Just Save Healthcare?!? Imagine This...”



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