A naturally-minded and
scientifically-grounded approach to immune
system health.

I help busy families struggling with allergies & autoimmunity rediscover balance in their lives through simple sustainable & science-supported systems and Become Immune Confident!

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A naturally-minded and scientifically-grounded approach to immune system health.

I help busy families struggling with allergies & autoimmunity rediscover balance in their lives through simple sustainable & science-supported systems and Become Immune Confident!

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Too often we leave medical offices feeling frustrated, confused & powerless.

It is because of everything I learned and went through as a patient that I have made it my mission to use my privilege as a physician to empower us to thrive in systems that at times feel like they are built to overwhelm.

Values I Live by and Teach

Own Our Story

Focus on what you have to offer and also be willing to admit when you need guidance or support.

Take the Pressure Off Through Preparation

Practice. Invest in yourself.
We aren’t going for perfect but we are aiming for significant progress. 

Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Take back control with action. Push your boundaries..a bit. There will always be a leap of faith required when you are trying to build a new skill. Embrace it. 




Delicious Meals
to nourish the whole family.



25 Simple Swaps Guide

Learn how to make small but powerful changes to your daily routine that can have a big impact on your well-being.

Minimize your exposure to harmful chemicals that disrupt your microbiome, promote inflammation, and increase your risk of disease.


My name is Kara Wada.

Mom. Board-certified pediatric and adult allergy, immunology and lifestyle medicine physician.
Certified-life coach. Autoimmune Patient.

It is because of everything I went through as a patient that I have made it my mission to empower us all to escape the overwhelm that accompanies an autoimmune diagnosis.

“Inflammation can be harmful but it also can be healing.” 

My goal?

To help us all become immune confident!

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Ways to Work with Me


Medical Mentorship & 1-on-1 Coaching

Dedicated time with Dr. Kara- physician, systemic Sjogren's patient, certified-life coach, and busy mom.

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Masterclasses & Programs

5 Practical Strategies For Better Immune Health

Kara Wada, MD lectures on why immune boosting isn’t the answer for those with autoimmunity or allergies and give us 5 practical and sustainable strategies to balance your misbehaving immune system.

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Becoming Immune Confident 12-Week Program

The one program specifically designed by a board-certified immunologist & autoimmune dietician to help women with misbehaving immune systems reclaim their sovereignty while minimizing the fatigue, fog, and pain from too much inflammation.

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The DeMystifying Inflammation Summit

Finally, understand what’s causing your inflammation and what you can do about it – whether you have a diagnosis or not!

SEPTEMBER 18 - 20, 2023

A free 3-day virtual event for moms and families struggling with too much inflammation!



Virtual Sjogren’s Summit 2023 Instant Replay

Missed the Virtual Sjogren's Summit 2023? No worries! Get instant access to the full event. Watch on-demand and catch up on all the informative talks, panels, and discussions at your own pace.

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Lifestyle Medicine for Everyone

Join this 3-day Virtual Event, Learn, and Get Inspired for Better Health

JUNE 9TH - 11TH 2023

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Dr. Wada is awesome.
She is very thoughtful & attentive to my concerns. Goes above & beyond to treat my condition. She has vast knowledge which enables her to think outside the box for possible causes, diagnoses, symptoms & treatments.
Dr. Wada was amazing!
She was attentive, she genuinely cared, and gave me excellent resources to read about chronic illness. She is dedicated to seeing me get better, and having a doctor who believes something is going wrong in my body, even though we can't quite treat it yet, is a step. Being heard and validated has meant so much.
I am extremely impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by Dr. Wada. She was so easy to talk with and so knowledgeable and equipped to explain what the prior blood testing revealed and how we would proceed. Very impressive. I went into the appointment confused and concerned and left feeling much more confident.



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