Finally understand what’s causing your inflammation and what you can do about it – whether you have a diagnosis or not!

SEPTEMBER 18 - 20, 2023


A free 3-day virtual event for moms and families struggling with too much inflammation!

Modern life drives modern diseases. 
Allergies. Asthma. Autoimmunity. Cancer. Diabetes. Obesity. Heart Disease.


What do these modern diseases have in common?

They are all driven by TMI - Too Much Inflammation.

Tackling too much inflammation takes a whole lot more than…

Popping an ibuprofen…
Puffing on inhalers…
Slathering on steroid creams….
Or eating less and moving more.

You’re getting a lot of things right mama: 

  • You’re doing your best to eat a balanced diet and get your kids to eat a veggie every once in awhile…
  • You’re working on getting more steps in and even taking the stairs sometimes… 
  • You’ve started to prioritize sleep even though you’d rather be scrolling TikTok or Instagram…

And yet you continue to feel like crap.

You’re doing everything you know to do to reduce your inflammation and take care of yourself, but you still find yourself…



Exhausted from the time you wake up every morning.

Aching in places and parts you didn’t realize you had, everything hurts or feels swollen.

Feeling like you are perpetually swallowing snot or start getting random itchy rashes.. Allergies that used to be a “sometimes” problem seem to be an “all the time” problem now.

Noticing your breathing is a little labored going up the stairs, tight or you’re coughing more and suspect a bit of asthma…

Knowing where every public bathroom is because your digestion is NOT normal. Bloating. Gas. Painful tummy aches.

Wondering why that pregnancy weight never fully disappeared…even after your babies weaned.

Notice your attention span sucks, keeping forgetting why you went into the next room or find yourself with words stuck on the tip of your tongue… is this early dementia?

See your kids starting to experience similar symptoms too… which has you up worrying in the middle of the night scared 💩-less..

Calling to make an appointment with your doctor only to be told the usual– your labs are normal, nothing is wrong.

When you can’t get any help from your doctor, you turn where all of us turn, the internet…

Karen recommends that you

“Just eliminate all the foods and never eat out”

Brittney told you to

“Meditate for 2 hours every day” 

And Sunshine’s mom from Charlotte’s 1st grade class told you

“Essential oils cure  everything” 
(and she has a really great promotion going on the starter set right now if you join her team).

Too Much Information.

Too much overwhelm. Too much confusion. Too much frustration.

There has got to be a better way!



Wouldn’t it be AMAZING

if you could better understand what is going on with your immune system & HOW to start taking steps to improve your (and your family’s) health, that’s doable with your go-go-go schedule, and actually works?


You want the science AND the strategy. 
But more importantly, you want to feel clear and confident. 

How would it feel to...

Recognize what too much inflammation actually is and know how to advocate for yourself when it is causing problems

Have clarity in understanding the working theories behind the “root” causes of too much inflammation AND learn sustainable strategies to turn down the dial.

Understand better how lifestyle plays a critical role in our health and healing AND learn how to change our behaviors without the overwhelm or the guilt from all the “shoulds” and “coulds”.

Learn science supported tools to lower inflammation levels AND start taking steps to actually do them harnessing the power of your beautiful brain.

Develop conviction in realizing the actions you are taking to improve your health directly benefit the health of your children and partner too!

Have more confidence and clarity while navigating heath and wellness marketing so you can see through the sales pitch and make a more informed decision.

This is exactly what you’ll experience at the DeMystifying Inflammation Summit!

During the DeMystifying Inflammation Summit,

You'll learn what is causing your inflammation and what you can do about it! 

Learn from 30+ medical and lifestyle experts about immune system health and walk away with a sense of certainty knowing you are doing the best for your health and the health of your family. 


Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Dr. Kara Wada!

I am a quadruple board certified allergy, immunology and lifestyle medicine physician turned autoimmune patient and mom of 3 young kiddos. 

It's because of everything I learned and went through as a patient that I have made it my mission to use the privilege I have as a physician to help us all navigate our health and wellness more effectively and efficiently. 

My goal is to help my fellow mamas  Become Immune Confident as they navigate the complexities of raising a family in our modern world. 

Grab your ticket...

Join me and 30+ immune system and lifestyle experts for a one-of-a-kind event that will help you understand your body better! 

I can’t wait to see you there!


Meet the Speakers

Check out the incredible lineup of inflammation and lifestyle experts you’ll learn from at the DeMystifying Inflammation Summit!


DeMystifying the Science

Discovering the Science of Inflammation

Kara Wada, MD

Seasonal Allergies, Sinuses And Inflammation

Leonardo Trasande, MD, MPP

Demystifying Environmental Exposures, Inflammation, and Immune Disruption

Brittany Panico, DO, FACR

Demystifying Autoimmune Labs

Matthew Zirwas, MD

The New Understanding of Eczema &
Is Nickel in Your Diet Driving Inflammation?

Jasmin Chahal, MD

Immune System DeMystified

Andrea Salcedo, DO, MPH, FACOG

Gynecologic Diseases of Womanhood: Insulin Resistance and Endothelial Inflammation in Action

Arinola Dada, MD

Demystifying Rheumatologic Medication Classes

Jenna Hua, RD, MPH, PhD

Demystifying Lab Testing for Toxins

Meagan W. Shepherd, MD

Demystifying Aeroallergen Immunotherapy

Alissa Zingman, MD, MPH

Strategic Approach to the Doctor-Patient Relationship



DeMystifying Lifestyle as Medicine

Harnessing Healing from Our Habits

Kara Wada, MD

How To Harness Healing From Our Habits: Using Lifestyle As Medicine

Jenifer Tharani

What is Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition?

Basil Kahwash, MD

Controlling Allergic Inflammation through Exercise

Sarah Merritt, MD

Low Dose Naltrexone For Systemic Inflammation

Saimun Singla, MD

Demystifying the Role of Integrative Approaches in Inflammation

Kim Shapira MS, RD

This is what you're really hungry for

Ann Huntington, MD

Evidence-Based Essential Oils For Your Health, From A Physician

Maureen Michele, MD

DeMystifying Food Allergies

Dana Gibbs, MD

This Is Your Body On Stress!

Grace Chung, MD

Demystifying Cardiovascular Health



DeMystifying our Minds

Cultivating a Resilient Mindset

Kara Wada, MD

How To Get The Most Out Of Any Medical Appointment

Nissa Keyashian, MD

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Kate Mangona, MD

Finding the calm and gratitude amidst the chaos

Sarah Cohen Solomon, MD FAAP

Navigating Accommodations for School

Suzi B, BHE, CPT

1-2-3 Habits: Health, Happiness, And Success Are As Simple As 123.

Jillian Rigert, DMD, MD

Sustainable Wellbeing For Introverts And Highly Sensitive Persons

Natalie Kiwi

Tools To Stress Less For Moms

Rebecca Tapia, MD

How To Acknowledge The "Zero Sum" Game In Life

Amanda Chay, MA

How to Be Your Own Bestie Advocate

Laura Suttin, MD, MBA, MCPDC

Actionable Steps To Give Themselves Permission To Create What's Possible For Their Life

Isabelle Amigues, MD, MS, RhMSUS

Demystifying the Role of Mind-Body Connection in Rheumatologic Conditions

Kortney West, MD

Is it Bad Behavior? Or... Neuroinflammation?



Bonus Day

Becoming Kitchen Confident Masterclass Series

Mini Morning Mindfulness & Intention Session

Kara Wada, MD

Meal Planning Made-Easy Masterclass

Kara Wada, MD

Grocery Haul DeMystified

Jenifer Tharani

VIP-Only Hot Seat Coaching

Becoming Immune Confident Scholarship


As you can see from these amazing value-packed presentations, this is an event you do not want to miss.

Click below to grab your free ticket and join us for the Demystifying Inflammation Summit.



You don’t need another summit teaching to "eat less, move more", follow cookie-cutter elimination diets, or use long lists of expensive supplements protocols or labs that insurance won’t pay for…

Good news! That is NOT what you’re going to find at this event.


The DeMystifying Inflammation Summit was specifically created for mamas and families like you.

  • Feel like your health is NOT what it used to be. Allergies. Asthma. Digestive distress. Chronic pain.
  • Your Energy is at an all-time low and you can’t understand why you can’t think clearly...
  • You’ve tried yoga, meditation and meal subscription services to no avail.
  • You feel like you haven’t gotten any guidance or answers from your health care team.
  • Feel like you haven’t gotten any answers from your health care team. 
  • And you may even be seeing your kids start to experience similar symptoms too…🙁

Instead of covering a specific elimination diet or cookie cutter programs this summit is about helping you understand the science and walk away with a sense of certainity knowing you are doing the best for your health and the health of your family.

What to Expect at the Demystifying Inflammation Summit?


The DeMystifying Inflammation Summit will run from Sept 18th-20th with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. This event is entirely virtual, so you’ll be able to attend from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Stay tuned for details on our Bonus Day of Action- September 21st!


Attend presentations from our lineup of 30+ speakers with trainings on immune system and lifestyle medicine.

Your free ticket includes 24-hour access to each presentation during the week of the summit.


You’ll also have access to our private Facebook community of moms and families like you who are already hanging out and building the knowledge and confidence to know you are doing the best for your health and the health of your family!

This is where you’ll be able to connect with the speakers and other attendees before and during the event!


After registering, you’ll also have the chance to upgrade to the ALL-ACCESS PASS which includes ongoing access to the presentations after the summit wraps up, premium bonuses from our speakers, and more!

You’ll get all the details (and a special offer) after grabbing your free ticket!


You’ll also have a chance to win prizes by showing up and participating throughout the summit.


I am dedicated to helping you make sustainable science-supported habits for healing and health and making the process as easy as possible. To help, you’ll hear about my Becoming Immune Confident Comprehensive CourseCoaching & Community Membership Program here and there throughout the event.

On the final day, one lucky (and engaged) attendee will be selected to win a full 12-month scholarship and have instant access to the only program co-created by a board-certified immunology physician turned autoimmune patient & life coach AND registered autoimmune dietician to make Anti-inflammatory living EASY.

Stay tuned for details and your chance to apply!


Becoming Kitchen Confident Master Class Series

Join Jenifer Tharani MS, RD and Dr. Kara for an exclusive 4-part bonus event covering mindful eating, grocery shopping, meal planning and Hot-Seat Coaching Session

 These sessions include:

  • Mini Morning Mindfulness & Intention Session
  • Grocery Haul DeMystified
  • VIP-Only Hot Seat Coaching - Step into the hot seat to start making huge shifts in HOW you view your health and habits!
  • Becoming Immune Confident Scholarship Winner Announcement
  • Meal Planning Made-Easy Masterclass - Learn my 5-step signature approach to making meal planning easy whether you prefer home cooking or take out!
  • I will also be sharing how we can continue to work together in the Becoming Immune Confident Comprehensive Course, Coaching & Community Membership Program.

These sessions have been designed to take what you’ll learn throughout the week and get you taking action toward knowing you’re actively taking steps to improve your (and your family’s) health using both science and strategy.


Check Out What Our Attendees Say

"The speakers, panels, workshops, and information were excellent. Very comprehensive and covered much more than many other conferences. Other activities were interesting as well.

“I thought it was excellent & very comprehensive…the topics, speakers, continuity, platform.
Thank you so very much."

"Your conference was excellent to get a more personalized view about Sjogren’s management of symptoms, frustration in diagnosis, and understanding of Sjogren’s from medical professionals."

"Speakers, panels, workshops, and information were excellent. Very comprehensive and covered much more than many other conferences. Other activities were interesting as well."

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Learn how this FREE event will help you build confidence and clarity around inflammation and your immune system health knowing that you are doing the best for your health AND the health of your family.


You’re ready to experience confidence and clarity around your immune system health.


It’s time to stop worrying about all the “shoulds” and understand the science behind you and your family’s health problems all while learning tools for navigating the healthcare system  AND wellness industries with greater confidence and clarity.


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