Hi, my name is Kara
and my nickname is the Crunchy Allergist.

I am a board-certified pediatric and adult allergy, immunology, and lifestyle medicine physician.

But I am so much more than just that…

Work with Kara

I am a mom of 3 young kids, a wife, a systemic Sjogren’s patient, a trauma-informed certified life coach, a TEDx speaker, and Dr. Midwest America.


Yes, I am a pageant girl that loves a bit of sparkle from time to time! 


And I especially love helping people become immune confident! 

I also give a damn
about a lot of things.

  • Rebuilding trust between physicians and patients
  • Understanding how and why health care professionals gaslight their patients AND working to stop it!
  • Helping folks simplify their lives by ditching detoxes and miracle cure supplements in favor of science-supported sustainable habits.
  • Partnering with patients to work towards our shared goals for their health
  • Harnessing the power of the medical team
  • Bringing visibility to those of us with invisible illnesses so we are seen, heard and believed.
  • Empowering folks through education.
  • Not shying away from complex topics that require nuance.

Dr. Wada was amazing!

She was attentive, she genuinely cared, and gave me excellent resources to read about chronic illness. 
She is dedicated to seeing me get better, and having a doctor who believes something is going wrong in my body, even though we can't quite treat it yet, is a step. Being heard and validated has meant so much.

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A podcast empowering naturally-minded and scientifically-grounded women looking to say goodbye to the fog and fatigue caused by excess inflammation & reclaim clarity, conviction, and confidence in their lives.



5 Practical Strategies For Better Immune Health

Dr. Kara lectures on why immune boosting isn’t the answer for those with autoimmunity or allergies and give us 5 practical and sustainable strategies to balance your misbehaving immune system.


Medical Mentorship & 1-on-1 Coaching

Imagine having a doctor as your trusted mentor and friend to bounce ideas and troubleshoot… Have a dedicated time with Dr. Kara - physician, systemic Sjogren's patient, certified-life coach, and busy mom.


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