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1-on-1 Coaching

Time scheduled to work towards YOUR specific goals.
Break free from that inner mean girl that keeps holding you back.

Get tips on navigating the complex healthcare system.

It's YOUR time scheduled to reach YOUR goals.

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Group Coaching

Did you know that we tend to get much better results when we have accountability and community?
Science also shows that doctors and dietitians get better results working together.

Check out Dr. Kara & her colleague and partner, Jen Tharani's group coaching programs and Anti-Inflammatory Collective membership. 

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The Anti-Inflammatory Collective

Dr. Kara & Jen Tharani Presents Anti-Inflammatory Collective membership.

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Dr. Wada brings personal and professional expertise and passion to her presentations.

She speaks on topics related to the prevention and treatment of allergies, allergies, and immune system diseases, building meaningful physician-patient relationships, and the experience of being a physician and chronic illness patient.

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The Crunchy Allergist Podcast seeks to empower those who appreciate both a naturally-minded and scientifically-grounded approach to health and healing.

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Dr. Kara discusses and shares her knowledge of the prevention and treatment of allergies and autoimmunity through evidence-based but naturally-minded philosophy.

Dr. Kara writes about all things allergy, autoimmunity, and anti-inflammatory living topics.

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Aila Health

Evidence-based, virtual care for the autoimmune warrior.

Dr. Kara Wada is the Director of Clinic Content at Aila Health. 

They are on a mission to improve autoimmune patients' healthcare experience and help them be SEEN, HEARD, and BELIEVED.

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Dr. Ohio America 2022

Dr. Kara is the reigning Dr. Ohio America.

Bringing Visibility to invisible illnesses.
Board-certified allergy-immunology and lifestyle medicine physician.

She competed for Dr. America 2023 and won 1st place!

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As an advocate of #cleanbeauty, Dr. Kara is also a Beautycounter consultant. 

Here is Dr. Kara's "Why-list" for promoting Beautycounter:

The Mission: To get safer products into the hands of everyone.
The Foundation: Beautycounter was founded on 3 pillars: Education, Advocacy, and Products.
EDUCATION: We educate the public about how to avoid harmful ingredients through our network of Independent Consultants, like me 🙂
ADVOCACY: We’re urging the government to pass laws to better regulate the beauty industry.
PRODUCT: We focus on performance, safety, and innovation. We create market-leading, clean, award-winning, and high-performing products, proving you don’t have to compromise one to get the other.
B Corp: We are a B Corp which means we have to consider people, the planet, and profit with every decision we make.
NEVER LIST: We have a Never List of over 1800 ingredients that we will never use because of their health implications.
Ingredient Selection Process: We have the strictest standards in the industry.

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Hugh & Grace

They are the first-ever company focused on being 100% hormone-safe. Their mission is to reduce chemical exposure, and inspire and equip people to live cleaner, healthier lives; driven by product, activated through knowledge, and carried forward with grace.

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Why Genexa?

“Genexa is the first clean medicine company!”

  • A B-Corp Business for the Greater Good
  • Devoted to Sustainable Sourcing
  • Committed to Renewable Packaging
  • A Proud Non-GMO Verified Company
  • Committed to USDA Organic Ingredients


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