Ready to Become
Immune Confident?

Discover all the ways to work with me and start your journey towards Becoming Immune Confident below.

Let’s Go!

Ready to Become Immune Confident?

Discover all the ways to work with me and start your journey towards Becoming Immune Confident below.

Let’s Go!


Medical Mentorship & 1-on-1 Coaching

Dedicated time with Dr. Kara- physician, systemic Sjogren's patient, certified-life coach, and busy mom



This is time scheduled to work towards YOUR specific goals but here is what I have helped clients with in the past...

  • Help navigating the health & wellness industries with greater confidence.
  • Learning how to better communicate with your loved ones - or healthcare team.
  • How to assemble the medical team that's best for you.
  • Learning to distinguish the difference between miracle cure marketing and science-supported treatments.
  • Engaging in work that harnesses your brain's ability to re-wire and capitalize on its role in the healing process.
  • Developing a personalized education plan to empower you with knowledge about your immune system health.
  • Engaging in techniques to build lasting resilience in chronic condition management.

Dr. Wada is awesome.
She is very thoughtful & attentive to my concerns. Goes above & beyond to treat my condition. She has vast knowledge which enables her to think outside the box for possible causes, diagnoses, symptoms & treatments.

Dr. Wada was amazing!
She was attentive, she genuinely cared, and gave me excellent resources to read about chronic illness. She is dedicated to seeing me get better, and having a doctor who believes something is going wrong in my body, even though we can't quite treat it yet, is a step. Being heard and validated has meant so much.

I am extremely impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by Dr. Wada. She was so easy to talk with and so knowledgeable and equipped to explain what the prior blood testing revealed and how we would proceed. Very impressive. I went into the appointment confused and concerned and left feeling much more confident.

Masterclasses & Programs

5 Practical Strategies For Better Immune Health

Kara Wada, MD lectures on why immune boosting isn’t the answer for those with autoimmunity or allergies and give us 5 practical and sustainable strategies to balance your misbehaving immune system.

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Becoming Immune Confident 12-Week Program

Did you know that we tend to get much better results when we have accountability and community? Science also shows that doctors and dietitians get better results working together. With Becoming Immune Confident, we've done BOTH! Check out Dr. Kara & her colleague and partner, Jen Tharani's signature program.

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Fresh off her TED talk, Dr. Wada brings personal and professional expertise and passion to her presentations.

Allergic Diseases. Lifestyle medicine. Role as Physician & Autoimmune Patient.

Book Dr. Wada for your next conference, workshop, or seminar.

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The Becoming Immune Confident Podcast is a show that delves deep into the science of immunity and explores the confidence that comes with developing the skills and traits to tackle any obstacle that comes our way.

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Dr. Kara writes about all things allergy, autoimmunity, and anti-inflammatory living topics. She discusses and shares her knowledge of the prevention and treatment of allergies and autoimmunity through evidence-based but naturally-minded philosophy.

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The DeMystifying Inflammation Summit

Finally, understand what’s causing your inflammation and what you can do about it – whether you have a diagnosis or not!

SEPTEMBER 18 - 20, 2023

A free 3-day virtual event for moms and families struggling with too much inflammation!



Virtual Sjogren’s Summit 2023 Instant Replay

Missed the Virtual Sjogren's Summit 2023? No worries! Get instant access to the full event. Watch on-demand and catch up on all the informative talks, panels, and discussions at your own pace.

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Lifestyle Medicine for Everyone

Join this 3-day Virtual Event, Learn, and Get Inspired for Better Health

JUNE 9TH - 11TH 2023

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As Your Physician - Ohio Only

I see patients and teach at the Ohio State University 3 days a week.

If you are interested in becoming my patient click the button below to be directed to the clinic website.

If you are seeking a second opinion or believe your situation may warrant a longer visit, please let our scheduling team know so we can avoid feeling rushed. All visits will be billed to insurance based on complexity and time.

I am unable to see patients via Telehealth if they are not located in Ohio due to licensing restrictions.

Out-of-state patients must be seen in the office located in Columbus, Ohio.

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Have seen multiple physicians at OSU Wexner Medical Center for the past 30 years.

Dr. Kara Wada has been the BEST of all!!!

Engages the patient, demonstrates appropriate concern, listens carefully, responds substantively, and appears highly knowledgeable and competent in her specialty.

Also, ONLY PHYSICIAN I have seen at this medical center who truly COLLABORATES with the patient and asks how one wants to proceed with tests and treatment.

She is what every physician should be professionally and personally!!!


Aila Health

Evidence-based, virtual care for the autoimmune warrior.

Dr. Kara Wada is the Director of Clinic Content at Aila Health.

They are on a mission to improve autoimmune patients' healthcare experience and help them be SEEN, HEARD, and BELIEVED

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Dr. Ohio America 2022 & Dr. Midwest America 2023

Dr. Kara is the reigning Dr. Midwest America.

Bringing Visibility to invisible illnesses.Board-certified allergy-immunology and lifestyle medicine physician.

She competed for Dr. America 2023 and won 1st runner-up!

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Let’s Talk Nontoxic
Without the Nonsense!

As an advocate of #cleanbeauty, Dr. Kara is also a Beautycounter consultant. Here is Dr. Kara's "Why-list" for promoting Beautycounter:

THE MISSION: To get safer products into the hands of everyone.

THE FOUNDATION: Beautycounter was founded on 3 pillars: Education, Advocacy, and Products.

EDUCATION: We educate the public about how to avoid harmful ingredients through our network of Independent Consultants, like me 🙂

ADVOCACY: We’re urging the government to pass laws to better regulate the beauty industry.

PRODUCT: We focus on performance, safety, and innovation. We create market-leading, clean, award-winning, and high-performing products, proving you don’t have to compromise one to get the other.

B CORP: We are a B Corp which means we have to consider people, the planet, and profit with every decision we make.

NEVER LIST: We have a Never List of over 1800 ingredients that we will never use because of their health implications.

INGREDIENT SELECTION PROCESS: We have the strictest standards in the industry.


Replace toxic cleaning products, reduce waste, and keep your home clean with our high-quality, plant-based cleaning products.


Why Genexa?
“Genexa is the first clean medicine company!”

  • A B-Corp Business for the Greater Good
  • Devoted to Sustainable Sourcing
  • Committed to Renewable Packaging
  • A Proud Non-GMO Verified Company
  • Committed to USDA Organic Ingredients
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Find out if your symptoms may be caused by one of the MOST common but LEAST talked about autoimmune conditions

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