5 Practical Strategies For Better Immune Health

health tips immunology Jan 11, 2023
5 Practical Strategies For Better Immune Health

When something sounds too good to be true… 
Like a miracle cure supplement…
That is going to boost your immune system…
It is wise to be suspicious.
And ask questions like…

Why is this person promoting it?
Do they have a stake in the game?
Are they transparent about their stake? 
What is the response rate?
Is there good safety data?
How long do I need to be on it to expect a response?
Why should you ask these questions?



Nearly 20% of liver injury is caused by vitamins and supplements.

Vitamin & supplement companies are not required to keep track or report this data since they are not regulated by the FDA…

Remember you can look up how much your doc gets from #bigpharma

But you can't tell how much they benefit from the $4.5 TRILLION dollar wellness industry...

So yes, big pharma has its BIG issues but

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by big “Wellness” either…

My advice:

  • Tap the breaks: Remember Natural ≠ Safer
  • Be a conscience consumer: Follow the science & the money.
  • And then, maybe, proceed with caution with guidance from your healthcare team* 

*ideally folks that aren’t selling you the supplement!!



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