Celebrating Gratitude: Favorite Things List

events & announcements Nov 25, 2022
Silhouetted person with arms raised in a gesture of freedom or victory against a vibrant sunset sky, symbolizing gratitude and joy amidst nature's beauty.

Tomorrow is the day we identify as THE day to give thanks but what if we tried to make every day just a little bit more like Thanksgiving? 

I want to start out by saying thank you to each and every one of you that reads these emails, listens to the podcast, and supports my work. 

Showing gratitude can be a warm hug, a home-cooked meal, or a simple thank you. It can be wiping up the counter after dinner or planning a surprise for your loved ones. It can take on so many different forms. 

For many of us, the day after Thanksgiving is the "official" kick-off of the time of year many of us give gifts to our loved ones. 

If you are in need of a little holiday gift-giving inspiration, I lovingly prepared my 2nd Annual gifting guides to hopefully help you check a couple of people off your list, especially for those hard-to-shop-for individuals on your list…

like my parents, my sister, and Matt…

This year I am sharing a mix of things I am gifting family, friends, AND myself… 😄

I have some financial ties to a few of the selections which will be noted. I do my best to be transparent when we are benefiting.

For your Sister, Niece or BFF

Makeup Must-haves
I am a sucker for lip & eye products… Blame the Sjogren’s.

Save up to 30% on orders of $250+. Until Nov 28 only.

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Beautycounter At the Red-y Lip Duo
With the Sjogren’s and my love of coffee super bright white teeth are a distant memory…and typically rich colors leave my lips flaking and my teeth looking yellow. This red is magic… My teeth look whiter AND it’s moisturizing like a balm. The clear gloss is great over top or alone with its natural organic vanilla flavor AND non-sticky formulation.

Beautycounter Lip Balm Trio
This limited-edition lip-care set contains 3 conditioning balms with the formula I loved last year! It delivers nourishing hydration in both clear for every day, anytime use, and two tinted shades for a subtle pop of nourishing color. Balms are formulated with ultra-moisturizing murumuru and mango butter that keep lips happy and healthy-looking. Oh, and they are a perfect size and shape for a pocket, small purse, or diaper bag.

20% off on your orders when you use the code crunchyallergist.
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Lash and Brow Serum
If you missed my conversation with Dr. Diane on the podcast a few weeks back, you missed me fawning over her lash and brow serum that not only has my lashes looking fuller and longer but also has my dry eyes feeling so much better this fall now that the heat is on full force.

Clean Sweep Mascara
I also swear by her Clean Sweep Mascara for everyday wear that doesn’t irritate my eyes or leave me looking like a raccoon.


Books We Love

We LOVE reading at home. Here are the books we have been fawning over this fall that didn’t quite make the cut in time for the 2022 Crunchy Allergist’s Anti-Inflammatory Library list.
*A very small commission is earned if you purchase using our amazon link. No sponsorship from the authors.

For your grade school readers:

The Wild Robot
The Wild Robot Escapes

For your favorite parents with kids in the nest:

Good Inside by Dr. Becky Kennedy
Currently, hubs and I are reading Good Inside because let’s just say parenting isn’t always easy!

For the self-help junkie:
Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg PhD


Great for Parents, In-laws, and those that have it all..

Food Favorites
These local food favorites are our go-to gifting options for folks that live outside of Columbus, Ohio.

Now located in select cities across the country but her inventive flavors are a wonderful indulgence. She also has a great selection of dairy-free and gluten-free options!

Stauf’s Coffee
It is the coffee shop Aki and I would love to hang out at during our medical training. Now we pick up their beans from our local grocer but my sister and her partner loved their coffee of the month subscription last holiday season.

Rancho Gordo
Outside of the #614, my favorite food gifts are bean gift boxes from Rancho Gordo… I lovingly refer to them as our “fancy” beans. They are so delicious and fun to cook with!

Garrett’s Popcorn
Chicago mix is an addictive salty and sweet combination of cheese and caramel corn. My husband insists we order a tin each holiday season for a little taste of “home”. I find this hilarious since we have never lived in Chicago and he is originally from LA.


Great Stocking Stuffers!

Owala FreeSip Waterbottle
This is my absolute FAVORITE water bottle. It is perfect for the office and working out. It has a built-in straw and pour spout and it magically seems to have me drinking more water every day when it's around.

Oura Ring
I am loving the data I am getting from my Oura ring- especially helping me stay on track with my sleep and movement goals. Oura now has a function to track my cycle too which is pretty cool.

If you use this link, you save $50 and a free month of membership. I don’t think I get any kickback from what I can tell.

Clevr Blends Matcha and Sleeptime with frother.
Here’s $20 off your first order—you can thank me later :) I earn a small discount on my future orders if you use the link provided.

These are legit on Oprah’s list for the last 2 years and I was wooed into buying them when I was up with a newborn Ollie last winter. They are DELICIOUS and relatively nutritious, especially when compared to some of the warm beverage alternatives this time of year. My parents are getting some this year!


Filling your own cup…

Belong: The Nourished Anti-Inflammatory Community

Launching December 1st.

Founding Member rates less than $1/day!

A community for busy women who desire a high quality of life in spite of their chronic illnesses.

This community is for you if you are:

  • Interested in anti-inflammatory nutrition & lifestyle to manage your illness and improve your quality of life in a holistic way alongside the care you receive from your medical team
  • Overwhelmed with all the conflicting information on anti-inflammatory diets and just want an expert to give you a step-by-step protocol
  • Ready to feel confident in implementing anti-inflammatory nutrition to achieve your goals and reduce medications
  • Looking for monthly meal plans with recipes to take away the stress of busy weeknight meal planning
  • Yearning to meet a group of women who are going through similar struggles and genuinely understand you so you feel a sense of belongingness.
  • Wanting to foster a healthy relationship with food and your body!
  • Ready to overcome autoimmune burnout
  • Looking for long-term support, consistency, and sustainability.

Join The Nourished Anti-Inflammatory Community Now


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