Things I Would Never do as an immunologist with an Autoimmune Disease | Part 4: Unmanaged Stress and Anxiety

allergy & immunology Oct 07, 2022
Female immunologist with stethoscope smiling in a forest setting.


Last week, I shared about my evolving relationship with movement. I have continued to have fun this past week experimenting with how that can look different based on the day and how I am feeling and picked up a little under the desk elliptical to try out.

For me though, the real transformation has occurred in learning to manage my mind- both by recognizing how much my anxiety was showing up in my life and learning how much power I really have in how I show up.

But what does that actually mean? 

Well let me take you back to a few years ago…

It took a push from my rheumatologist but treating my pain with a medication that also helped with mood…actually turned out to do a better job treat the anxiety and depression I was reluctant to face head-on. 

By taking the edge off that little bit, I was able to see better how much that anxiety was showing up in every aspect of my life. 

It's been a bit like peeling an onion, layer by layer- tears included.


The work of self-exploration is exciting. empowering. Tapping into our inner wisdom. 
And overwhelming, even scary at times when we recognize the power we hold. 

How are you going to step into your power today? 


P.S. I love helping clients learn and experiment with these tools to discover their own power and tap into their inner wisdom. If are looking for support in this work,

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