Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2nd Annual Virtual Sjogren's Summit

events & announcements Mar 24, 2023
Two clasped hands in solidarity with purple ribbons and the inscription "Sjogren's Superheroes," representing support and unity for those affected by Sjogren's syndrome.

We are closing in on the 2nd Annual Virtual Sjogren’s Summit and it is going to be HUGE!!

We have an INCREDIBLE lineup of expert speakers, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and AMAZING GIVEAWAYS!! 

Seriously you are NOT going to want to miss this event… 


Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Attend the VSS:

  1. Action: Count this as your next FIRST step towards better health!
  2. Inspiration: start dreaming beyond the limitations you have placed on yourself as a result of your Sjogren’s symptoms!
  3. Motivation: harness the collective energy to propel you forward in making positive changes in your life!
  4. Community: Meet other members of the “best club you never wanted to qualify for”
  5. Education: Learn from our speakers AND each other! There is NO sense in re-inventing the wheel folks...
  6. Innovation: Learn about up-and-coming treatments for Sjogren’s and learn about clinical trials.
  7. Accountability: Connect with other participants, set goals and hold each other accountable for following through after the event has concluded.
  8. Generosity: We are giving away over $3000 of products and services in our Scavenger Hunt Giveaway alone. (This doesn’t include the amazing digital goodie bag contents and bonus VIP offers!)
  9. Learn about new products/services from our generous sponsors and vendors that are all geared with Sjogren’s and chronic illness experiences in mind!
  10. Unlimited: Get ongoing access to education, inspiration, and motivation from over 30+ speakers, that is over 50 hours of content for as little as $25!

VIP boxes are hitting the mail next week filled to the brim with summit swag, samples, and exclusive offers!


If you still need to register: 



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